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MEDIA Film Fund


Red Card


October 2008

This month we've been showing the Film Business the Red Card .

Red Card tells the story of a pacifist anti-nuclear playwright in 1950s London struggling to stage his new play with its campaigning message of non-violence. When he receives an inheritance he thinks this can pay for his own stage production but things turn tricky when the bequest turns out to be ownership of a violent football team that play near Britain's first Atomic plant and H-bomb factory...

Supported by the MEDIA film fund of the EU, Red Card will be showcased at the 49 th International Film Festival at Thessaloniki.

We've produced posters and one-card promotional sheets for Red Card with a design that pays affectionate homage to the 1950s Ealing Comedy-style nature of the movie.

Learn more about Red Card here .

Learn more about the Thessaloniki Film Festival here.


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