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Russell Davies


Interesting 2007


July 2007

This month The Design Conspiracy have been interesting.

You may have heard of Russell Davies’ Interesting 2007 conference. We were asked to give the conference a graphic identity (doesn’t seem right to write logo or brand). It was an unusual project because tickets were already sold out, we didn’t need any letterheads or any press ads, the whole thing had to be carbon neutral and yet we still needed some stuff.

We asked all the attendees to send us an old tshirt. We then screen printed it with the logotype and it became official conference wear. And it was guaranteed to fit.

We collected 350 carrier bags and in a nice bit of reuse we screened the logotype on to them so they became the official goody bags.

We also needed a CD case. So we trawled eBay and Oxfam and bought 350 old 7 inches and fixed the CD to the middle. The screen printed logo on the front of the sleeve gave us some brilliant visual remixes.

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