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January 2007

This month The Design Conspiracy have been silhouetted.

Last year 3 acquired 95 new stores. These stores were refurbished and re-branded to 3Stores in time for Christmas. We were heavily involved with the Internal Communication side of things and we’d like to highlight two of those projects.

We designed a postcard pack which was sent out to all the new retail staff. Designed to visually represent why 3 is a different brand whilst informing staff of important details such as dress code, benefits and the latest product news. We created striking white silhouettes which were picked out with a matt varnish. On the slipcase the logo and the text were debossed and stamped with a white foil block.

We also produced a swatch book keeping existing retail managers up to date. The brief was to design something eye catching, simple and a little different. Although 3 has quite strict brand guidelines they were flexible enough to allow us to use their brand colours to create the lovely colour spectrum from green through to violet on the reverse.

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