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April 2006

This month The Design Conspiracy have been grooming our cows.

The clever ones amongst you will remember that we did some work for Cowshed, Soho House’s lovely spa and product range, back in 2005. Well Cowshed have now updated their treatment offer across all of their spas, Babington House, Soho House New York and their new one in Clarendon Cross London and enlisted us to help show it off.

We’ve designed a series of simple yet dramatic treatments lists for each of the spas, with the whole of one side given a stunning pattern to reflect the interiors and product packaging and the other side an easy to read list of all the gorgeous treatments on offer.

After all that work we’ll be having a Cowshed Salt Scrub and Massage to sooth and calm us all down as we’re all Knackered Cows.

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