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March 2006

This month The Design Conspiracy have been five years old.

For our fifth birthday we decided to hang out with some real five year olds. On 2nd February the reception class at St Joseph's RC Primary School helped us design some tshirts for 3, the video mobile company. 3 wanted some tshirts for the children of their staff to wear in the summer.

We started the day by playing a video of 3’s brief. We split into five groups and the kids suggested themes for the tshirts. After morning break we drew, traced and cut out elements to go on the tees. We then stuck all the graphics on a huge cut out of a tshirt to create the final design.

Later on, some of the older students visited our office to watch us create the designs on the computer. At the end of the day we presented the finished designs to the kids. 3 will be printing the tshirts in time for the summer.

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