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Hangover Cures


January 2006

This month The Design Conspiracy have been curing hangovers.

We all know what it’s like to return to work in January after the joyous and indulgent Christmas break. Dull and lifeless. So when the crazy people at 3 asked if we could help kick some life back into their workforce we said, "Yes" quicker than you can say, "I’ve not had a fag in 2 hours".

Merging our wit with 3’s commitment to making the return to work a little bit easier we created a spoof prescription bag (chemist’s bag’) and a booklet called ’5 energising tips’, a handy guide designed to put the spring back into your step. All packaged together with goodies such as a Mars bar, Alka Seltzer, a Vitamin C drink and a free coffee voucher. This was waiting on every employees desk on their return.

It certainly got the 2,000 strong family at 3 buzzing on that boring first day back.

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