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Med Sol Healthcare


Registration Form


March 2003

This month The Design Conspiracy have been registering.

Med Sol approached us with a very specific design problem.

Med Sol are a recruitment agency for locum doctors. Once doctors have shown an interest in Med Sol's services they are legally required to fill in a registration booklet. This details their qualifications, CRB details etc.

The problem? Med Sol were only getting 30% of the booklets sent back.

We completely redesigned the document, renaming it as a form rather than a booklet. A form sounds like you could fill it in over a cup of tea, a booklet doesn't.

We reduced the page count from 28 to 12, whilst keeping all the same content and we made the form more user friendly. On top of this it's cheaper to send out.

The result? Med Sol now get 70% of the forms returned.


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