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The Fashion Retail Academy


Jubilee & Graduation


April 2012

This month we've been jubilant.

Obviously excited about London's Summer of 2012, what with the Queen's Jubliee, the Olympics and of course the Fashion Retail Academy graduation and awards!

The FRA wanted to celebrate all of these and asked us to design a theme for this year's graduation ceremony that could be applied to the front of the building, the graduation invitation, programme, name badges, exhibition and presentations.

We created union jack graphic in the FRA's brand colours that could easily be applied to all of the above. As 2012 seems to be the unofficial 'year of bunting' we thought it appropriate for the FRA to have their own, also incorporating the colours and union jack graphic too. This was then applied in adhesive vinyl to the windows.

All the elements came together to set the mood for a real celebration!

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