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Healthy Living Solutions


Special Delivery


March 2012

This month we've been getting all maternal.

After being startled at the lack of  information on health and nutrition given to new mums whilst in hospital after giving birth,  Healthy Living Solutions (HLS) wanted to give away useful packs to provide a solution to that. This initiative was called 'Special Delivery'.

We thought a cotton bag would be a perfect way to contain information and nutritional snacks. Mums could keep it to use for baby stuff and it would always be a reminder of the useful advice they have received.

First of all a logo was created for the initiative, which was used on the tote bag and then we created a series of postcards using simple, cute illustrations in a gentle colour pallet to keep the info light and inviting. These also come in a card slipcase to keep them all together.

The end result is a neat package that any new mum would be delighted to receive!

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