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Originals Look Book


December 2009

This month The Design Conspiracy have been sticking 'em up!

The lovely people at adidas Originals gave us a call to help out on a 'look book' for Spring/Summer 2010, featuring products from the new Star Wars range amongst others.

We were delighted and more than happy to oblige so we got our thinking caps on (at a slightly jaunty angle of course), shell toes and tracky tops and got to work. We did a bit of stencilling, spraying, cutting, folding and manipulating. The result was a long, double sided, concertina sticker booklet where the full colour product images popped out against an adidas blue urban background. One side glossy, the other side matt.

On the glossy side the product images were cut as stickers that could be removed and stuck wherever you like but look great when added to the other matt side to create one big cool as street scene. Nice. Now where's that Run DMC mix tape gone...

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